Blake Buck

I'm a freelance web developer based out of central Florida. I create solutions to problems, and code is my medium. Whether it's a simple website for a small business or a multi-user, multi-group massive collaborative system, I can help. Let's chat!


New Vision

Small nonprofit New Vision for Independence needed a website that was simple, responsive, and fully accessible to their blind clientele. "We've received grants, recruited volunteers, and began accepting online special event payments because of our website." - Chantel Buck, President/CEO

New Vision Website

Car Doctors

This adaptive website gives small business Car Doctors Mobile Detailing a web presence where they can list specials, show off the unique cars they've detailed, and drum up new business through their Contact Us page. The site uses version 7 of the ContentBuckIT content management system.

Car Doctors Mobile Detailing Website

Salon Estetica

The website for this Louisiana-based salon flaunts their expert stylists and features a gallery of their hair-sterpieces. I worked with the client via phone so the Florida-Louisiana distance wasn't an issue. This was one of the first commercial sites I've completed and updates are forthcoming.

Salon Estetica Website

Web Applications


My website clients need a simple and easy way to add and edit content on their sites, and many of the popular content management systems are too complicated for an average business owner to have to learn and fiddle with. I created the ContentBuckIT, a powerful yet user-friendly content management system, currently on its 8th major release.

ContentBuckIT Website


A client needed a web-based employee time clock, so I created the TimeBuckIT. Employees can clock in/out, view their schedules, and their time worked. It's responsive so employees can use in on their smart phones. Admins can view total hours worked, track employees nearing overtime, schedule employees, add employees, and edit punches.

ACE Reporting

Daytona State College, on behalf of the Advanced Cybersecurity Education Consortium, contracted for the creation of a multi-faceted custom reporting tool so they could gather data for a Dept. of Defense grant. Many users at each of the several member colleges across four states input information and the grant administrators can pull reports and track their progress.

Advanced Cybersecurity Education Website

.NET Work


This site was created to help PerformanceVU, a set of web tools developed by programmers at the University of Central, match its homepage to the quality of its product. I worked with PerformanceVU's CEO Tony to turn some of his ideas into code.


Our Calendar

I developed this simple calendar app using C# and .NET. I primarily work in PHP, but I'm a well-versed and well-rounded programmer and I wanted to create a sample of this other side of my repertoire. You can check out the source code, if you're interested, on GitHub.

Our Calendar Website

Personal Projects

Throw It 2 Me

TI2M is a URL sharing service, inspired by the desire to "throw" a link from one computer screen to another, like they do in crime-fighting TV dramas. Say you're looking at photo online -- using the Throw It 2 Me site, the Chrome browser extension, and Windows desktop application (all created by me), you can "throw" your buddy a link to the photo and they "catch" it, all within seconds. It's in need of some updates, but it's among the largest-scope projects I've developed.

Throw It 2 Me Website

Vas-y Vie

Several years ago, I had the inspiration to create a social timeline site through which you can track your whole life - and thus was born Vas-Y Vie (pronounced VA ZEE VEE in French, meaning "C'mon Life" in English). The idea preceded Facebook's "timeline" feature, but I didn't have the teams of programmers they had (I'm not bitter, really). It's not public now, maybe someday, but it's a concept that I'm still proud to share.

Mobile Apps & Games

Doctor Tracking

Car Doctors Mobile Detailing needed a way of tracking their small business operations. I created a custom Android/iOS app, and Dashboard web app. The Android/iOS app features an employee time clock, expenses tracker, appointment scheduler, customer relations manager, and point of sale. The Dashboard web app features report generation, invoicing, goal setting and tracking, coupon/promotion creation, and revenue tracker.

Prime Bomb

Prime Bomb game screenshot.

While in college, a professor challenged me to create an HTML/JavaScript version of the card game Prime Bomb (created by BrainyAttic LLC). A quick how-to: Drag the prime numbered green cards that are multiples of the red cards onto the red cards before the timer runs out on the red card. In retrospect, there should be some fanfare at the end and game instructions would probably be helpful, but, all-in-all, mission accomplished.

Prime Bomb Game